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5 of the most incredible places for scuba diving in Sardinia

You are planning to visit Sardinia and would like to discover its wildlife? In this article, you will find 5 of the most incredible places where to go for diving

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5 Sardinian recipes that you must know

Among the best things you can do in Sardinia is, certainly, eating. Apart from that, if you like cooking and you miss the taste of the island, below you will

History What to see

Giant Tomb of ‘Su monte e S’Abe’, the collective tombs from Nuragic Age

Usually known as Giants‘ Tombs, due to their size, these collective tombs from Nuragic Age are dated fro 1500 to 1100 B.C. This particular tomb belonged to a village situated

History What to see

The roman aqueduct, the remains of a big roman cistern in the North-east

Photo by Riccardo Varrucciu The Roman Aqueduct was built between the II and III century B.C., in order to bring water from the granite hill top of Cabu Abbas to

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Castello di Pedres, an impressive castle in the Gallura area

Photo by Gianni Careddu This wonderful monument symbolizes the ‘Judicature period’ in Olbia, Gallura. The name is thought to derive from the present nearby Villa Petresa or Petrosa as shown

History What to see

The Sacred Well of ‘Sa Testa’ in the heart of Gallura

To get to the monument take the road from Olbia towards Pittulongu, signposted Cala Saccaia. The Sacred Well of ‘Sa Testa’ is one of the most famous monuments of Nuragic

Arts & Culture What to see

San Simplicio Church, an example of Romanesque architecture in Gallura

Picture by Clemensfranz San Simplicio Church is one of the most important historical monuments in Gallura, in the North East of Sardinia. It was built between the end of XI

History What to see

The archeological site of Nora, in the south

Picture by Helga Steinreich Once you arrive in Nora, the landscape is simply breathtaking. Nora, situated up on the highland of Capo Pula, in the southern of Sardinia, is an


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how to arrive in sardinia
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How to arrive in Sardinia

Sardinia offers several gateways to reach the beauty of the island whether you want to catch a flight or by ship. Below, you will find a list of the main

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