5 of the most incredible places for scuba diving in Sardinia

 5 of the most incredible places  for scuba diving in Sardinia

You are planning to visit Sardinia and would like to discover its wildlife? In this article, you will find 5 of the most incredible places where to go for diving in Sardinia so that you can make the most of your Sardinia’s holiday.


Capo testa is situated in the north side of the island on the Maddalena Archipelago. This area is well known for its clear, torquise, calm water ideal for beginners. You don’t need to dive too far into the faboulus crystal clear water before you cans see the wild and magnificent local flora and fauna such as eels, lobsters and sometimes turtles.

If you like history, you have the opportunity to see the remains of an ancient Roman column under the water. That’s the ideal area to discover more about wildlife thanks to the shifting light spectrum and 50m visibility. The area is plenty of diving centers that can take you by boat to the diving point in less than 15 minutes.

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The Orosei Gulf plays an important role in the area as it is well known as one of the many diving sites in this area. It is home to the famous Bue Marino caves where you can find the 45m Nasello wreck, a World War 2 casualty which now lies on the sandy seabed.

This is by far on the most incredible places for scuba diving in Sardinia. In this area you can find an ancient volcanic lava flow which goes down to a depth of approximately 24 meters and twists in various canyons and crevices.


Also called the Gulf of Angels, the southern of the island hosts the protected marine area of Capo Carbonara. Inside the wreck of the Relitto del LT22, sunk after a mine explosion, you can find various fishy inhabitants. Another impressive area is Secca di Torre delle Stelle.

It includes a big stacked granite boulders that hosts many types of fish that are rarely seen on the island. This structure includes various tunnels and caves that makes diving in this part of the coast more fascinating.



San Pietro is a smaller island surrounded by crystal clear waters which is less known by many people. If you head to the area of Le Colonne, Punta Grossa and Punta Oche, you can easily find some local diving sites. Expert divers will show you almost everything from relics and statues to astonishing formed rocks that makes your journey unbelievable.


At the south of San Pietro, you can fid another astonishing island called Sant’Antioco where you can experience fabulous wildlife. There’s an abundance of bluefin tuna, dolphins and big mantas.

The vast presence of Posidonia Sea grass make you feel as you were in one giant garden that hosts all kind of underwater life. Even in this area, you can see rare naturally formed rocks that makes you feel like you were on paradise.

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