5 outdoor activities to do in Sardinia

 5 outdoor activities to do in Sardinia

If you don’t know to do in this marvelous island, apart going to the beach, you’d better read this article where you will fin 5 outdoor activities to in Sardinia.

1. Murals Orgosolo

If you haven’t seen the murals in Orgosolo, you better plan your trip to Sardinia now. Orgosolo is a town in Barbagia, the heart of Sardinia, which still preserves traces of an ancient time. Murals are visibile on the walls of the majority of the houses in town so much that you get the impression you still live in ancient times.

These frescoes are often accompanied by the traditional Canto dei Tenores, a Sardinian choral singing style of great importance in the local tradition. Along with these expressive images, Orgosolo creates a deep connection between inhabitants and visitors.


This stunning painting technique was brought by a group of anarchists in the twentieth century. It was then adopted during the Italian Resistance Movement and it began to be used in the nearby villages becoming a trademark of this central area of the island.

The murals seems to be alive as they tell the story of local customs and traditions. You can admire significant murals which detailed describe the rural life and the struggles for power, political and social issue such as women at work, men on horseback and shepherds. Orgosolo is well worth a visit if you want to get an insight about local tradition.

2. Wind and Waves

Sardinia is the best destination for those who are looking for sailing, kite-surfing and windsurfing. This is made possibile by wind that blows across the Mediterranean on the west coast. At Capo Mannu, in the Sinis peninsula, waves can reach four metres in height. Another ideal area for surfers stretches from Buggerru to Funtanamare. The astonishing landscape speaks for itself.


With its thousand kilometres of coastline, the island is a stunning open air gym. If you are looking for a more relaxing place, you better head to the South. Here you can choose between Poetto in Cagliari and Chia in Quartu Sant’Elena arriving to the seasides of Teulada and Porto Pino.

In the north-west of the island, you can find Porto Ferro, nearby the Riviera del Corallo. A central area is Santa Teresa di Gallura but also Capo Testa and Rena Majore. One of the well known beaches is Porto Pollo where surfers come from all Europe to look for the most challenges wave of the season.

An important feature to consider is the constant wind and the barrier made by the bays. This allows the surfers to enjoy kite-surfing and windsurfing, almost all year. Costa Paradiso, Asinara and Stintino also need to be mentioned as they are some of the favourite paradise of surfers.

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Sliding gently river sea

Whether you’re looking for some action challenging the waves or some relax, Sardinia can offer more than that. Take your canoe, a paddle and a rucksack and get ready for some canoeing and water trekking. Sardinia offers several fluvial areas, in particular along the Tirso, through the Cedrino lake, or along Posada rivulet. In all these areas you can book several kayak excursions and chill out on the calm waters surrounded by the wilderness of the island.


Looking for a charming scenario? Land on the eastern coast where you’ll find the gulf of Orosei with the splendid waters of Cala Gonone. That’s the ideal place for kayaking lovers. Even water trekking is a magnificent activity to do as the area is plenty of stunning coves, cliffs, caves and seasides. You can have a break and admire the breathtaking view.

Kayaking lovers might be surprised if they land on northern Sardinia. Here, you can visit Capo Caccia area, ideal for paddling. Other places that need to be visited, definitely, are Stintino, the island of Asinara and the archipelago of La Maddalena, especially from Caprera to Spargi. What about the south? The magic of Sardinia is that there is no place that should be avoid. Not far from Cagliari, there is a variety of seasides such as those nearby  Villasimius and Costa Rei or between the coast of Pula and the area of Chia.

3. Sardinian wine

We previously mentioned Sardinian wine as one of the secrets of longevity. Although this is a good news, there is better news coming. Yes, infact there is the opportunity to taste this delicious wine thanks to dedicated itineraries.


The most known Sardinian wines are Cannonau and Vermentino amongst other excellence made in Sardinia. Their grapes are grown all over this island in the area which goes from Orosei to Bari Sardo, and in then in the montain area near Atzara. It’s not rare seeing farmers and shepherds with their sheep as the area is pretty much pastoral and that is why the tradition is still preserved.

Visit the vineyards and the winemakers in order to taste the taste of wild Sardinia. You can check all the routes and the itineraries on the official website and get to know this side of the island. You can definitely, drink a good wine along with some delicious specialty of sardinian cuisine.

4. Naturally Wellness

Sardinia is plenty of activities to do: from trekking to cycling and climbing, from swimming to snorkelling. The island is a real open air gym and you can, definitely, tailor your lifestyle according to your needs and hobbies.  In Spring or summer, you can take part in any acquagym session for a pleasant hydro-massage in the water. It can be fun, too. This is a benefit for weight loss, muscle’s tone recovery and health.

Book you favourite hotel and get ready to try thethalassotherapy according to the tradition. All the spas, located on the coastline, take the water directly from the sea. There are precise massages such as the hot stones one, that use Sardinian basalt stones, squeezed of fine and hot sand.

Spa and wellness

5. Literary festivals

Sardinia presents many literary events that take place across spring, summer and autumn. One festival that needs to be mentioned is the Island of Stories Festival (Isola delle storie) in Gavoi, a small town in the Province of Nuoro. After thirty years, it has become a point of reference at a national and international level such as another fesival called La Notte dei Poeti, ÉntulaMarina Café Noir.

The small town of Gavoi is known for the wide variety of meetings and readings, held from 4th to 7th July, which hosts several iconic literary figures. From meetings on the balcony to a drink with an author, the readers have got the opportunity to meet the authors and take part in exclusive events. It is similar to another festival known as Marina Café Noir , held in the town of Villanova which boasts meetings, readings, shows, workshops and exhibitions about literature and intriguing stories.

Literary festivals

Literary events will take place throughout the year. In July there is La Notte dei Poeti – the Night of Poets. It is set in the stunning landscape of Capo Pula with a astonishing background: the seaside with the church of Sant’Efisio and the ruins of the ancient Phoenician and Punic, alter Roman, city of Nora.  

In Sassari there is the itinerant festival ‘Sulla terra leggeri‘. In August, in the centre of Sardinia, in Jerzu, there is the Festival dei Tacchi theatre. A month after, in September, in Se there is the international travel literature festival at Mandas, named by the english writer D.H. Lawrence. For the youngest, in October there is Tuttestorie. Another itinerant festival is Éntula, whose artists perform in 25 small villages using their piazzas, theatres and public place.

Who said that Sardinia is just sea? As you can see, the island offers many activities to do from which you can choose according to your hobby. To learn more about Sardinia, visit our Facebook and Instagram page and tag us on you marvelous pictures!


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