7 fantastic beaches of Costa Smeralda worth visiting

 7 fantastic beaches of Costa Smeralda worth visiting

The main reasons to visit Sardinia are, definitely, the weather, the lifestyle and the fantastic beaches along the northern coast of the island. If your plan is to spend a wonderful time on the island, you should visit these 5 fantastic beaches of Costa Smeralda that worth visiting.

Premising that all the island is simply marvellous, Costa Smeralda is one of the well known areas in Sardinia thanks to several international investors that landed on this side of the region and build important hotel chains, locals, restaurants and clubs.

Mostly known for its nightlife and its fantastic beaches, Costa Smeralda was also one of the favourite summer destinations of many international celebrities such as singers, football players and entrepreneurs. Apart from that, Costa Smeralda is mostly loved for its sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Below, you’ll find a list of the most beautiful seasides.

1. Pittulongu beach

Pittulongu is one of the biggest beaches of the area and swimming in its clear water is simply incredible. If you want to have a break and chill with some fresh beer or an ice-cream, there are some bars and restaurants where you can enjoy one. You can also have lunch or dinner and taste some seafood dishes or some other tasty local food. It is one of the largest equipped beach. Therefore you can rent a beach umbrella or a deckchair and just relax.

Tavolara island

2. Ira beach, Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo is one of the small villages which knew the one called “La dolce vita”. The 90s were the golden age of Costa Smeralda. At the time the beach was always plenty of celebrities and everybody head to the Ira Beach in search of an autograph or a picture. Unfortunately, or luckily (it depends from the point of view) Instagram or Facebook hadn’t been discovered yet. Otherwise, there would have been a longer queue for the best selfie.

3. Porto Taverna

In direction of Loiri- Porto San Paolo, you can find Porto Taverna. Far about 15 kilometres from Olbia, this beach has a crystal water and a thin sand. On the beach, there a few bars and restaurants where you can chill a bit out and have a drink. Is there a better way to enjoy such a landscape?

From here, you can also book a trip to the island of Tavolara, a massive limestone island visibile from all the northern cost. It only changes according to your position and the beach you visit.

Costa Smeralda
Porto Cervo

4. Pevero Beach

Another symbol of Costa Smeralda is Porto Cervo and its wonderful landscape. If you rather prefer smaller beaches, you better opt for this area instead. This is mostly known for being home of many tourists in search of high luxury. One of the most celebre seasides are the Pevero beach, which is divide in two parts: one small, whose name is Piccolo Pevero beach, and the bigger, called Grande Pevero beach. Both are located only 5 kilometres from the town of Porto Cervo. This area can get overcrowded during the high season.

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5. Liscia Ruja

It is said, the Liscia Ruja beach is one of the longest beaches in this area. Situated, between the villages of Portisco and Cala di Volpe, the beach is ideal for long walks along the waterline.

Thanks to its position towards the east, Liscia Ruja offers a beautiful view of the Soffi and Mortorio islands. Both islands are easily reachable by boat or by ship. The Soffi island is part of the Maddalena archipelago for which you can book a Boat tour by several private company and explore this astonishing area of the region.


6. Spiaggia del Principe

Spiaggia del Principe or Principe beach, seemingly takes its name by Prince Karim Aga Khan as, it is said, that it was his favourite beach. Apart from that, this is, undoutedly, one of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Smeralda. Just south of Romazzino. The Spiaggia del Principe is located near Cala di Volpe. The parking area is about 800 meters distant and it is reachable by foot along a rocky path. Its turquoise color of the water iust breathtaking. As you can imagine, the best period of the year to visit the area, is spring or straight away after the high season.

7. Capriccioli

In less then 2 kilometers south-west of the Spiaggia del Principe, you will find a pretty small beach, surrounded by some Mediterranean brush, with plenty of olive and pine trees.The astonishing granite rocks look out the sea. The beach offers stunning views of the island of Mortorio and Soffi.

If you are are planning a visit to Costa Smeralda you should, definitely, include Capriccioli beach within your itinerary. To learn more about Sardinia, visit our Facebook and Instagram page and tag us on you marvelous pictures.


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