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Sardinia is an amazing island, rich of history, culture, amazing landscapes and corners.

On Sardinia2Day you will find tips and news about the island. If you are travelling to Sardinia for pleasure or business, here you’ll find resources and information that will help you during your stay in this marvelous island.

Sardinia is the place where tradition and present mix up. Someone thinks that Sardinia may be just a summer holiday destination. However, the fabulous island offers more than that. With its beautiful white sandy beaches, its mountain, food, pleasant weather, its festivals and celebration and sports activities you can visit it throughout the year. Also, Sardinia offers some of most delicious dishes of Mediterranean food. It’s not a case that it is considered home of the oldest people in the world.

Sardinia2Day aims to be a guide for those people who are looking for information on how to plan and organize their holiday. So, maybe it’s you. On the website you can get useful information on the latest flights, accommodation, where to eat, what activities to do and how to move on the island upon arrival. On Sardinia2Day you’ll find what you need to start a safe and pleasant journey to Sardinia.

Are you ready to visit the white sand beaches of the island and explore the wild countryside of Sardinia?

We can help you find a place to stay or you can book an amazing classic old car that can pick you up from the airport or, alternatively, you can rent a car in order to explore the beauty of the island all by yourself.

About me

Hi everybody, my name is Juli Piscedda, I’m Italian and I love travelling. I was born in Sardinia, one of the most beautiful gems of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Thanks to some significant collaborations, I would love to show you the beauties of this island so that you discover places and experiences to make your travel to Sardinia unforgettable. If you want to live the island as a local and not as a tourist, read Sardinia2Day and contact me in order to get tips and advice. 

Although I love travelling and I have spent more than 10 years living abroad, Sardinia is my home. Who better than me could give you the best tips? If you have any questions about Sardinia feel free to contact me (redirect to the specific section). You can also follow and tag Sardinia2Day on Instagram or Facebook.

For more information about me check my personal website.

Enjoy this website and your journey to Sardinia!

Juli Piscedda

CEO and Founder

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