5 Sardinian recipes that you must know

Among the best things you can do in Sardinia is, certainly, eating. Apart from that, if you like cooking and you miss the taste of the island, below you will find 5 Sardinian recipes that you must absolutely know. 1. Malloreddus Ingredients for 6 people 1kg cooking tomatoes 100 g sausage meat 100 g minced […]Read More

The archeological site of Nora, in the south

Picture by Helga Steinreich Once you arrive in Nora, the landscape is simply breathtaking. Nora, situated up on the highland of Capo Pula, in the southern of Sardinia, is an ancient city located in a charming beautiful landscape. The town was, originally a Phoenician-Punic settlement, that became later it a Roman colony. Although traces of […]Read More

Basilica di Saccargia, the masterpiece of Sardinian Romanesque architecture

Picture by Wojtek Piotrowski The Romanesque style in Sardinia has spread from its origins, yet it is not univocally identifiable because of the numerous influences that the various settlements left on the island. From the point of view of ecclesiastical architecture, for example there evident traces of religious orders from Lombardy, Provence, Pisa, Arabs, Iberian. […]Read More