How to move and explore Sardinia

 How to move and explore Sardinia

Moving around Sardinia might not be so easy if you have not got your own mean of transport. The best way to move and explore Sardinia is arriving by ferry with your own car or mean of transport. Should you arrive by plane, it’s recommendable to rent a car if your goal is to explore the island further.

One of the disadvantages of Sardinia consists of the lack of public transports. Although, many parts of Sardinia might be reached by buses, sometimes reaching some of the most beautiful places (almost unknown) or beaches along the cost, is quite difficult.

Car rental

The most important bus public company is the ARST that manages bus service all over the island, too. The Southern Railway of Sardinia, connects the main locations of Sulcis Iglesiente with Cagliari. However, the railway network is almost run by the Trenitalia, the Italian Railway Company that connects Cagliari with Sassari and the northern area covering the cities of Porto Torres, Olbia with Golfo Aranci, Iglesias and Carbonia.

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The rest of the island is coverde by the Sardinia Railways, connecting the city of Cagliari to Monserrato and Isili, Macomer to Nuoro, Sassari to Nulvi, and Sorso to Alghero. Although, the majority of the main cities are well served, the best way to move and explore the island remains a car as it faster and more comfortable reach the place of interest.


To explore the area from a different perspective, visitors use the Railway Tourism. A nice Little Green Train allows tourists to immerge into the wild landscape of the island, reachable only with that train. Visitors can travel on board of old style trains similar to steam locomotives which make the experience magical. This train covers 4 lines: Mandas – Arbatax. Isili – Sorgono. Sassari – Nulvi – Tempio Pausania – Palau e Macomer – Bosa. For futher details, you can visit the official website.

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