Slow food and slow life: how to live and what to eat in Sardinia

 Slow food and slow life: how to live and what to eat in Sardinia

In the recent years, Sardinia has been defined as the earth of longevity thanks to high concentration of long-living people. It has attracted the focus of the international scientific community.

Specific research how the combination between lifestyles, diet and longevity. Yet, the slow life based on slow food and less rush during the day, seems to identify Sardinia as the island ideal to live on.

These features are considered the key of ‘successful aging’. Seemingly, on the island people live better and longer compared to Italian and European cities. A high percentage of centenarians, fit and in good health, has been registered in the centre of Sardinia.

old man

But what’s the secret of this longevity? According to recent studies, It might be attributed to food and genuine local products eaten by the majority of the inhabitants. This food is usually produced independently by the inhabitants as they cultivate by themselves.

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One of the advantages of the island is that you can still enjoy the flavors of local specialities. Locals still maintain ancient recipes that were used to be prepared centuries ago.


Some typical products that contribute to longevity are goat’s and sheep’s milk. Yet the well known pane carasau, a traditional flatbread that needs to be mentioned. It is rich of protein and light thanks to its low gluten content. Other typical food are fresh tomatoes, artichokes and legumes.

Carasau bread

The basis of the local culinary tradition are meat, cheese, fruit and vegetables often accompanied by a tasty glass of cannonau, a red wine, described as the nectar of long life. All these features are, undoubtedly, the secret of healthy life and longevity.

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