The Sacred Well of ‘Sa Testa’ in the heart of Gallura

 The Sacred Well of ‘Sa Testa’ in the heart of Gallura

To get to the monument take the road from Olbia towards Pittulongu, signposted Cala Saccaia. The Sacred Well of ‘Sa Testa’ is one of the most famous monuments of Nuragic Sardinia.

With the recent revaluation of the area (a parking area for tourists), it has becoe become a compulsory stop for tourists visiting the North East of the island. The Sacred Well lies in small valley and was entirely excavated by Doro Levi in 1938 as well as restored by Professor Contu in 1969.

Sa Testa
Photo by Gianni Careddu

It is made up of a courtyard, with a stairway to the north, a vestibule and the well itself, which is reached by 17 steps. The floor of the court-yard is made up of irregular slabs of schist and underneath it is crossed longitudinally by a water channel.

There have been interesting and important finds from Nuragic and Roman periods, including a bronze dagger, bronze statues and other items. The Sacred Well is the most important relic fro the Nuragic civilization in this area.

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