When is the best time to visit Sardinia?

 When is the best time to visit Sardinia?

If you are planning to visit Sardinia, you better have clear on mind what you want to do first as activities. Whether you are looking for sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the stunning sea, you better visit the island from May to October as the weather is warm.

Soaring temperatures, instead, are usual in July and August. It means that if your aim is to join some sports activity which includes hiking or biking trails, it will be a good idea to choose for another time of the year.


Spring or winter, for example, may be perfect for such activities. The sun might not be shining but, at least, you can enjoy the landscape plenty of wildflowers. Yet, in this time of the year you can take part in many local festival such as ‘Cortes Apertas’.

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The coldest months of the year are, as everywhere, January and February. Although the temperatures turn around 13°C or 14°C during daytime, snow falls on the mountains. However, in the last few years the whether has got warmer and if you are lucky you can enjoy days in January whit warm temperatures reaching 20 degrees. In that case, the water may be chilly but a visit to the seaside is worth.


In March and April, the temperatures reach 16°C and spring is visibile as the flowers start to bloom. In April, local people celebrate Easter, considered one of major events as several religious ceremonies take place all over the island. That is, definitely, the most appropriate period if you plan to go for a walk or find out more about culture, fauna, flora and stunning landscapes of the island.

For hiking and cycling lovers, May is the perfect time as the weather is warming up with no high peak. Yet, that is the best time even for swimmers and anyone who wants to explore the sea from a different point of view. Diving, for example.

Hot wether is typical on the island by JuneJuly and August. Reason why, that is not the most indicate time of the year for hiking or cycling. The highest peak of temperatures might event reach 40 degrees. In addition, students and the majority of the workers go on holiday and the seasides may be overcrowded. That means, it might be difficult to find room where lying on the beach, people talking loud or kids screaming all over the beach and no relax at all .


Along with spring time, September and October are a fabulous time to visit Sardinia. It’s more quiet, temperatures are mild and acceptable for swimming, hiking, running or cycling. Divers can take great advantage of this time. As the number of people diminish, there will be less traffic of ships, boats or ferries.

By November and December, the temperatures are, definitely, mild and in certain areas of the island even cold. That means, there will be another type of tourism as the resort will be closed. That is the time of another traditional festival called ‘Cortes Apertas‘, which usually starts at the end of October, where locals and tourists can find out more about local food and tradition.

On Christmas period, market stalls and Christmas markets are installed. People meet their friends and relatives and start to queue in the shopping centers doing some compulsory shopping. Towns are lit up with sparky lights. And the magic begins.

If you thought that Sardinia was a summer destination, you would better change your mind now. The island is well connected throughout the year with the main european cities and here, on the island, you will always find something to do.

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